Make Foobar2000 As Music CD Burning Software

Foobar2000 is my favorite audio player, it supports multiple audio code and can play variety music files. Moreover, Foobar2000 can convert APE audio files to MP3 format, now you can use it burn music CD without burning CD software.

Foobar2000 As CD Burning Software

You need add in this plug-in ‘ Audio CD Writer ‘ enhance Foobar2000 feature. Download ‘ Audio CD Writer ‘ and unzipped, put ‘ foo_burninate.dll ‘ file into path ‘ C:\Program Files\foobar2000\Components ‘.


Highlight the song that need to burn into CD at Foobar2000 and select ‘ Convert ‘ –> ‘ Write audio CD ‘

burn CD

Then ‘ Write audio CD ‘ wizard appear, click ‘ OK ‘ staring burn CD. That all.

burn music CD