Made Web Page Easy Read [Firefox Add-on]

You may came across some of the web page are hard to read due to background color,font size or others factors that caused you can’t read and understood the text inside.We can’t ask website owner improve appearance and color combination immediately,then we have to choose leave the website concern.If you insist continue to read this kind of web page and don’t want ‘abuse’ your eyes,how ?

Blank your monitor (BYM)+easy reading is a Firefox add-on that able change color combination of web page become white text over a black background and the link will change to green color. Moreover,BYM has a option allow you after highlighted the text concern and right click,then select ‘Easy Read’,it will open a new tab in black and white color web page condition displaying the text concern.

Download Blank your monitor+easy reading ( Firefox add-on) and restart,a icon will appear in status bar.Click the icon to turn on BYM,the web page change as below.

Are you felt easy to read ?