Loki Network Project Free VPN Service

After sharing few free VPN services like Alonweb,PacketiX.NET,Linkideo and Anchor hotspot sheild ,here having another free VPN service for you ,is Loki network project.

If you still no sure what is the VPN service,please refer here.Loki network project is a free VPN service and SSL based free VPN server which base on US.You can use it with free without register as a member .

Download Loki VPN client set up (zip) and installed.Then enter in ‘Guest’ into User name and password column after launched the VPN client,click ‘connect’ ,a icon will stay in system tray as connect to VPN server.

After trial run for few days,found that it didn’t limit the traffic but the speed little bit slow,just for web browsing only.

Loki network project supported Window all.

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