LogMeIn Hamachi : Create Virtual Network Let Different Region PC Connected

If you are looking to establish a private virtual networking for home networking or gaming purpose,LogMeIn Hamachi is a best choose for you.

LogMeIn Hamachi is using encrypted tunneling across public and private networks without any hardware required.You no need to purchase their commercial LogMeIn Hamachi version to establish a virtual networking but can use their free version.Download LogMeIn Hamachi free version client.After launching LogMeIn Hamachi client,you need to click ‘power Button’ getting virtual IP,

Create a client name for it and click ‘Create’ icon,then will produce a virtual IP for the client name ( i use Techgravy as client name ).

Select ‘Create a new network’,enter a network ID name and password for it,then click ‘Create’ icon again.

A network name ( Techgravy ) created.right click network name and select ‘Set Access’,

This setting is allow how many of your friend can join this network.Put a check for ‘Network password’ and ‘Manual approve’ for more security.

If you want to join other virtual network,click ‘Networking’ tab and select ‘join an existing network’,

Then key in Network ID and password of that virtual network,then click ‘Join’,then that virtual network appear in the list.

Now you can treat these two virtual network as in same local area network playing network game,establish a virtual VPN or proxy server etc in safely.