Livemocha : Online Learning Foreign Language

7 22 2008+11 05 38+AM

Need to learn foreign languages ?Please try Livemocha (Now i learning French language from Livemocha).Livemocha is online language-learning website,it using flashcard services to establish a foreign language character lesson such as man,boy,woman making ours learning language with more effective.

Livemocha provided English,French,Chinese ,German,Hindi,Italian,Japanese,Russian,Spanish,Portuguese and Icelandic.After each lesson, Livemocha will provide listening, writing, reading and other exercises, let us studying in different ways to memorize foreign language .

In addition, Livemocha will also show your progress and compare your learning time with others, so that you will knowing that your learning progress fast or slow.

Livemocha also provided social community,let us befriend with others member.then you can learning their language and you also can teaching them your preferred language.