Live-Android : Run Android Mobile OS In Windows

Want to have try Android mobile operating system without brought a new android smart phone ? You can try ‘live-android‘ which a liveCD android system running on X86 windows platforms.

Go to here and download two iso files (liveandroidv0.3.iso.001 and liveandroidv0.3.iso.002).

You need to combine 001 and 002 iso files.Put these two iso files at C drive,click ‘Start’ –> key in ‘CMD’ and enter in ‘cd\‘ then enter ‘COPY /B liveandroidv0.3.iso.001 + liveandroidv0.3.iso.002 liveandroidv0.3.iso‘ in command prompt.

Go back to C drive and a new combination file was created.

You can use VMWARE or virtualbox running this ‘live-android’ iso file.

Below is the screen shot for live-android in Windows system.