Linkideo : Free And Secure Online VPN service

Are you using VPN ( virtual private network )services and what is the benefit ?You can use VPN service provided a anonymous surfing by hiding your real IP adress,visit some website that blocked by government control,cheating in HYIP or pay-to-surf make money program,etc,you also can use it as a ‘secure zone’ to transmit some personal information such as credit card number,password or login ID as connecting to internet. Here have a free VPN service for you to keep you internet connection secure in some public hotpot,home or work.

Linkideo is a British VPN service provider and offering free VPN service with 120 kbit/s download speed,they use 128-bit encryption to protect your information as it travels between your computer and their servers within in a virtual tunnel,this tunnel prevent hackers viewing your private information or anything else send over the internet.

Linkideo currently assigned to the user’s IP address from France.As i using Linkideo service to have web surfing,it is quite smooth and no ‘hang’ happen.Linkideo is provided by the account – password-based VPN services without install any software.You need to register a Linkideo account and then log in with your email address and password,then select ‘tutorial’ to set up a VPN connection.

Linkideo VPN service supported Window XP/Vista,Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.Just selected which OS that you preferred and then follow the procedures set up the VPN connection.

PS: Linkideo VPN service provide web browsering only for free account holder.
Linkideo VPN didn’t provide free account start from 2009.

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