How To Use LINE Stickers As Facebook Chat Stickers In Conversation

Currently Facebook chat can be sent out stickers to friends by tap the smiley in the Messenger text box to pull up a bunch of available stickers, then tap on one to insert it into the conversation. However we may think that build in Facebook chat stickers are not great compare with LINE stickers, thinking is there any possible moving LINE messenger stickers to Facebook chat messenger become Facebook chat stickers.

Muphin Google Chrome extension allows Facebook users using LINE stickers on Facebook chat messenger that inserts stickers into text conversation easily and sent out to friends. Currently this extension only support Facebook web and mobile version.


Send Out LINE Stickers As Facebook Chat Stickers

Download Muphin extension to Google Chrome and installed. Now log out from Facebook and sign in again.

We will notice an ice cream icon appears in conversation box, click on it and it’s will show LINE and Facebook chat stickers.

LINE stickers become Facebook chat stickers


Choose your preferred stickers and send out, your friend will receives the sticker.

Send line stickers from Facebook chat


Muphin allow Facebook users use LINE messenger stickers send out during conversation, it’s easy to use, we no need to think how to import Naver line app stickers to Facebook chat messenger. Moreover your friend no need to install this Google Chrome extension still can see the stickers appear on their Facebook text conversation box.

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