Latest Trick Save Offline Maps In Google Maps Without Type ‘ok maps’

Saving offline maps feature in recent update Google Maps for android and iOS allow users cache local maps offline without data connection., especially as you are abroad on holiday or business that will not scared to run up huge data connection charges.

You may find on internet that the trick to help you save offline Google maps by zoom Google Maps on Android and iOS devices to the city or area you want to cache, then type in the phrase ‘ok maps’ into the search bar and search for it. Google Maps will automatically download all the map data that’s currently on the screen of your phone.

Recently an update rolled out for Google Maps which users don’t have to key in ‘ok maps’ manually to store offline maps. This method is hidden and hard to detect it.


Cache Google Offline Maps

First you need to find an area you want to cache offline Google maps then tapping on search bar.

Cache Offline Maps


‘Make this maps available offline’ option appeared on the screen. Tap on it will download all the map data that’s currently on your phone screen.

Latest trick download offline maps in google mapsOffline Google maps


Disconnect internet connection try to check is it your phone can access to the stored region maps. Please take note map cache does not store permanently, will delete after 14 days automatically.

This new trick offline maps download for Android is available but not yet confirm on iOS devices, please leave a comment if your iOS devices can use this trick to cache maps.