Latest Free LINE Stickers Hack For Android

Techgravy blog already shared some free LINE stickers hack or trick how to get Naver LINE stickers free download that should unavailable at your country regions, like 「THAI & THAI smile staff」 sticker is only for Thailand region but not free download available for others countries, if you are using the LINE stickers tricks mentioned in the blog then you can get LINE app stickers with free although it’s unavailable at your region.

However Naver kept pushing out update to their LINE app for iPhone and android to block all the loophole that may affect us getting the free stuff. We need to keep finding new way how to get free LINE stickers download, today i will share a new trick for android users getting Naver stickers with free.

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Android Free LINE Stickers

First please make sure your line messenger link to email account. Go to line setting > email registration to set up email account

Now find old version for android LINE app (Version 3.3.0 ~ 3.3.4). You may use Google to find it.

Uninstall latest version of LINE app on your android phone and install back old version of LINE app.

Don’t run LINE app on phone. Assume that i need to download free LINE stickers from Japan region, go to Setting > Language & keyboard > set your phone system language to Japanese language.

If your android phone don’t support Japanese language then download MoreLocale2 from Google Play store and installed, this app will list out more languages option that not in your android phone default system language. Here i choose 「Japanese (Japan)」, remember your android language and font will change accordingly.

Morelocale2 android app


Turn on airplane mode and connect to WiFi, now is the time start run LINE app.

Free line stickersFree line stickers from Japan



Then connect to your Facebook account and let LIKE app gain permission..

LINE gain permission from FacebookGain permission from Facebook


Go To More > Stickers shop.

Line app stickers


Tab on New or Event tab, now we can select free LINE stickers from Japan region and download it. Moreover you can send this LINE app stickers as gift to your friends.

LINE stickers free downloadSend Naver stickers as gift


After download your prefer free Naver sticker, you can delete the app and install back latest version LINE app again, select setting > stickers > my stickers, all the line sticker free download at Japan region appeared on stickers available option, tab it and download again then can use it for free.

Free stickers on stickers shop


If you need to download free stickers from Thailand or other regions, it’s simple just change the phone’s system language and follow the steps mentioned above.

Update: This trick may doesn’t work anymore. I provided another LINE sticker trick for Android devices (21/2/2013).

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