Killdeadpixel.Com : Online Fix Dead Pixel

Now most of the computer manufacturers to have their product with standard 17″ or 19″ LCD screen.After used in a long time or even some of the reason from the manufactures,the LCD screen appeared dead pixel (a point on the screen that is always lit or always dark).Moreover,there are different standard in different country that how many dead pixel allowed appear in the LCD screen.

These dead pixel can be fix it,of course does not mean all can do that.You can find the software that can fix dead pixel in the internet but today i share with you a online fixed dead pixel tool – . contained a 64*64 gif image,just drag this image to the dead pixel on the screen and let it be there one hour.This image will try to fix the dead pixel,it has been reported that this kind of method is worked.

This site also provided 800*600 and 1024*768 gif images,you can conduct full-screen mode dead pixel repair. In the IE browser and the Firefox browser, selected the gif image and press the F11 key hide toolbars and other Sidebar for fixed it.

You can try it if your LCD screen got dead pixel.