Kaspersky Permanent Key Activation Method.Is It True??

Are you need Kaspersky product key ?In fact ,if someone getting product key for you,the product key can’t longer to use and will banned by Kaspersky,caused shared with same product key.So,is there any good Kaspersky activation method ?

Before that i am using Kaspersky (KIS),30 days trial version more than one year.Maybe you will asking that the KIS trial version can use for one year,is it true ?Yes,it is true but you need to do ‘something’.Here i told you how to do ‘something’,

1.Exit KIS

2.START -> RUN,key in ‘Regedit’,

3.Manual delete (3 item)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ MicrosoftCryptographyRNG HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE /MicrosoftSystemCertificatesSPCCertificates (Please back up your registry before any amended)

4.Exit registry and start run KIS program again,select 30 days trial version.

5.Before 30 days expired,repeat the step 1 to 4 again.

So with this method repeat and repeat again,your KIS trial version can long run,easy isn’t ?KIS will never banned their 30 days trial version products.

Beware that sometime KIS will wrong ‘kill’ your software or file.My mp3 file and explore.exe were deleted by KIS after the full scan,make my computer can’t start up.So,please disable auto delete and change to manual.

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