Free Kaspersky Internet Security For Android Activation Code For One Year

Recently Kaspersky Vietnam having free Kaspersky Internet Security for Android activation code for one year (former known as Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android). This security android app can protect your smart phone or tablet Internet-based or malware attacks, please grab it ASAP during giveaway period.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, a protection solution for especially designed for Android smartphones and tablets. This app provides protection for web browsing by detecting and blocking links to phishing sites and pages that distribute malicious attacks.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Features

Kaspersky Internet Security comes with free and premium version. The free version contains basic antivirus functionality and anti-theft protection, meanwhile premium version allow user real-time protection from emerging threats and web protection to combat phishing attacks, also including the option of hiding contacts, calls, messages and their history. This activation code get from Kaspersky Vietnam is allow you free upgrade from free to premium version.

In addition to the highest level of protection against cyber threats, users can remotely block lost or stolen devices, detect their current location and remotely delete all personal information stored on them.

How To Obtain Activation code

Visit giveaway page The web page is in Vietnamese language, we recommend you use Google translate to translate it to English, then login with your Facebook or Google+ account, make sure browser didn’t block thirty-party cookie and site data.

Kaspersky Internet Security For Android Activation Code

You should see your account name appeared on top right corner after login successful. Click on your account name access to your account. then note down 6 digit number.

Kaspersky%20Internet%20Security%20For%20Android%20Activation%20Code 9

Kaspersky%20Internet%20Security%20For%20Android%20Activation%20Code 10

Next step visit link. Enter 6 digit number and click on “Hoan tat” button.

Kaspersky%20Internet%20Security%20For%20Android%20Activation%20Code 11

The web page will show you a Vietnam language messages that the activation code will send to email within 24 hours.

By the way, you can also check activation code in your account. Login with your register Facebook or Google+ account. Then click on your account name > Click on “BẢN QUYỀN KIS FOR ANDROID (*)”.

Kaspersky%20Internet%20Security%20For%20Android%20Activation%20Code 4

The web page show Kaspersky Internet Security for Android activation code which valid for one year.

Kaspersky%20Internet%20Security%20For%20Android%20Activation%20Code 1
Activate Code On Android Devices

Download and install Kaspersky Internet Security from Google Play Store. Tap on “Premium Feature” > “Get all features” > “I have an activation code” > Enter the code and tap on “Continue” button.

Kaspersky%20Internet%20Security%20For%20Android%20Activation%20Code 5

Pop up a window with message “Thank for your activation. Now you have a license for 366 days”.

Activation code for Kaspersky internet security app