Jondonym : Surf Anonymous And Anti Censorship Proxy Server

Some people concerned about surfing internet safely by hiding their real IP address,today i would like sharing with you another software tool that let you surf anonymous in internet called ‘JonDonym‘.


JonDonym is anonymous proxy servers providers from German.They use multiple layered encryption to protect internet activities and also provide anti censorship,let you surf internet anonymous and safely.JonDonym supports Windows/Linux/Mac Os platform.Download JonDo software client from here.You can choose portable or standard installation during running installer.A pop up windows asking install JonDoFox web browser appear as run JonDo,just click ‘No’ to ignore it.Select language setting as running JonDo client at first time,then select ‘Extended View’ and click ‘Next’ till finish set up.The JonDo client will reboot.

Double click ‘Next’ till to show window as below;


Select ‘The warning is shown ,Websurfing is possible after confirmation’ and click ‘Next’,then select again ‘Connection established,websurfing is fine’ ,click ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’.

Then go to your web browser ( i use Firefox as example ).Select ‘Tool’ –> ‘Option’ –> ‘Advance’ –> ‘Network’ –> ‘Setting’.Select ‘Manual proxy configuration’ and key in setting value as below;

HTTP Proxy : Proxy :4001


Now you can surf internet anonymous with Jondosnym proxy server.