JMount : Computer Folder To Virual Drive

Sometimes we will create many folder and also sub folder into computer due to working requirement.However,we only always access two or three folder in our daily job.Now you can use this great software called ‘JMountto let folder become virtual drive.

JMount will allow you to create virtual drives by mapping your favorite folder to a drive letter,you can use this software let you always access folder become virtual drive and no need browse for a folder with a long file path.

Download JMount 1.0 and run installation.Click ‘Mount’ icon and select folder from drop down menu,then click ‘Close’.

jmount 1

Open up ‘My computer’,you will notice that a drive already added .

If you want to delete the virtual drive,run JMount software again and select the drive that delete in ‘Unmount Drive’ option,then click ‘Unmount’ and ‘Close’.

jmount 2

JMount supported Window all.

PS:Visual Subst have same function with JMount .