Java Zero Day Vulnerability, Please Disable Or Uninstall Java

The new Java zero day vulnerability spotted to latest java version (JDK/JRE version 1.7 update 6), this unpatched zero day exploit being used lead you to a site then injected malware and infected your PC system. Please temporary uninstall Java application and disable plugin in browsers if your PC already latest java application.

Java Zero Day Vulnerability

Normally financial web site are using Java application like stock market and bank’s website, you can’t browse all these webs without Java installed. According to FireEye this java attacks are found in Windows OS, Mac OS and Linux system which install Java 7, they highlighted that previously Java zero day vulnerability attacks would cause web browser failure but this time Java zero day exploits attacks will not cause the browser crash, then malicious program will install to PCs without users acknowledge.

Please use below link to check whether Java installed is exploitable.


Check Java Exploitable

Visit , a warning message appeared and highlighted your PC java version is exploitable. Uninstall Java application using Windows build in uninstall function, then uninstall or disable java plugin in Firefox or Google Chrome web browser.

Java zero day vulnerability

Visit website mentioned above again and a message appeared again that your browsers are safe from drive-by exploitation via Java.

zero day vulnerability


Java old version not yet confirm will be affected by this vulnerability impact Java zero day but may contained others java security issue. Please don’t downgrade and use old version.

Update :Today Oracle release an update (Java 7 update 7) to fix this vulnerability, more details please refer here (31/8/2012).

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