Jailbreak Cydia Apps Free Giveaway By iOS Promo

Recently iOS platform jailbreak developers having iOS Promo activities which will free giveaway of Cydia apps to all iPhone and iPad users, include Mail Enhancer Pro, Springtomize 2, SBRotator 5 and others all popular Cydia apps. If you wish to get all this free popular jailbreak cydia apps, don’t miss it.

jailbreak cydia apps giveaway

Free jailbreak Cydia Apps Giveaway

  • Mail Enhancer Pro (US$4.99) – Turn your default iOS mail client into a powerful tool for both, business and personal use.
  • Springtomize 2 (US$2.99) – Customize your SpringBoard, to make it look and feel how you want.
  • AdBlocker (US$2.19) – It blocks ads in Safari and other apps which are using browser-like views (UIWebView).
  • Full Screen for Safari (US$2.19) – Makes Safari a real multitouch browser. with a FullScreen mode.
  • CallBar (US$3.99) – Don’t let incoming calls interrupt you.
  • SBRotator 5 (US$2.99) – Rotate your SpringBoard.
  • AutoAnswer (US$1.99) – Auto answer incoming voice calls and Facetime calls for specified numbers.
  • Masks (US$1.99) – Lets you use custom mask overlays on your springboard icons, wallpapers and launch images.
  • ScrollingBoard (US$1.99) – Unlimited icons in your dock and folders.
  • PasswordPilot Pro (US$1.99) – iOS users need an Apple ID before download apps from iTunes app store, it’s sometime a pain to type that long password, especially when we just want to try out a free app or we’re updating our existing apps. PasswordPilot Pro will dramatically help you: enter your account credentials, just once. The password is stored securely (using NSA-approved encryption standards) and PasswordPilot Pro will automatically detect which account you are using and insert the appropriate password, when you need it.


It’s quite simple to participate this giveaway, just log in to your Twitter account, follow the iOS Cydia apps developers and retweet the text. This giveaway promotion until 5th of July, 10 a.m. (GMT+1).

Please visit http://www.ios-promo.com/