Itshidden Free VPN Service

If you felt that some free VPN services such as Alonweb,PacketX.NET and Loki Network Project are not suitable due to need installing software inside your computer,here you can use this free VPN service ‘Itshidden’ without install software a
nd need register as a user only.

Itshidden is a free VPN service (beta version) with 5 GB of Dedicated Bandwidth,it’s use 128 Bit Secure Connection to ensure privacy over all networks.

1.Go to here register as a user.

2.Click ‘Start’ –>’Connect To’ –>’Show all connections’ ( I use Window XP showing how to set up VPN connection ).

3.Click ‘New connection Wizard’ to create a new internet connection.Select ‘ Connect to the network at my workplace’ and ‘Next’.

4.Choose ‘Virtual Private Network connection’ and ‘Next’.Type a name like ‘Itshidden’ and click ‘Next’.

5.Please enter host name as ‘‘ and click ‘Next’.Select ‘add a shortcut to my desktop’ and click ‘Finish’.

6.Then enter username and password into connection wizard,then click ‘Connect’.That all.

If you are Window Vista user,please follow the instruction from here how to set up the VPN connection.

The Itshidden server’s IP address is in Netherlands.

After few days trial run,the connection speed is faster than Alonweb,PacketiX.NET these free VPN services.

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