IPod Touch Can Make Call ?

What we know that the different between iPod Touch and iPhone is iPhone can make call but Ipod touch cannot do that but this situation will be change because of Touchmods.

Touchmods developed iPod touch can run for VOIP procedure web site.Now Touchmods successful to develop iPod touch making first call through the SIP protocol VOIP phone communication equipments.##CONTINUE##

From what we know that the iPod touch’s microphone is not available,luckily Touchmods is not only provided the software development,they also provided hardware equipment order that make the medications to become easy.

Currently the software support versions iPod 1.1.1/1.1.2 and iPhone 1.0.2.The official web site also listing down the SIP providers.For those who are interested,please visited their web site for details and watching video before decide whether to add these features for IPod touch.