iPhone Contacts And Calendars Transfer, Sync With Android [How To]

Apple’s iOS and Google Android are popular smart phone operation system. We may own both phones or like to exchange it on daily usage, how to figure out transfer iPhone contacts number and calendars to android phone or vice versa may headache for us. Bump app is one of solution transferring contacts between iPhone and android, however sync iPhone and android contacts or calendars will be another problems create after transferred. We no need key in or back up to computer as every new contacts added, everything will become simply.

iPhone Contacts and Calendars Sync And Transfer

Gmail is best way sync contacts and calendars for iPhone or android. Android phone using Gmail account log in into system, so basically we can log in with Gmail account and turn on data synchronization setting then all android contacts will sync to Gmail instantly.

iPhone users go to 「Mail, Contacts, Calendars」 setting then select 「Add Account」.

iphone contacts


Now choose 「Microsoft Exchange」 from menu, enter your Gmail account details include Gmail address, username and password then click next.

Enter 「m.google.com」 in Server column.

iphone contacts


Mail, contacts and calendars following option will appear after authentication is successful.

iphone contacts


Retain contacts and calendars options only if you don’t need to receive mail (turn off mail option), that all.

iPhone and android phone contacts and calendars will upload to Gmail and sync automatically, they will share same contacts list and calendars in future so any contacts details change will synchronize at the same time.

Be aware two phone book will create if turn on iCloud service on iPhone. I suggest you turn off contacts and calendars these two iCloud service, if not your android phone can’t sync and download latest contacts.

Gmail allow users uploaded and backup phone book data with Google’s server. When we lose phone, change SIM card or phone number in future, the contacts data is not lost and still kept on Gmail, can download at any time.

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