IPhone 3G + Skype are Best Combination ?

Today my friend bringing a IPhone 3G asked me why his IPhone 3G after download the Skype software and can’t make Skype call ? Actually my friend’s IPhone 3G is not a ‘underwater’ set and he brought from Maxis Malaysia ( telecommunication service provider ) that launched in Malaysia two week ago with 3G wireless.He felt happy caused he can use Skype for IPhone connected through 3G wireless to make Skype call to friends living abroad and then save some money. But he’s wrong.

According to Skype for Iphone homepage,Skype for Iphone can make call through WIFI connection only but not 3G.The Skype for IPhone able use for sending instant messages through 3G connection.

I was confused IPhone 3G already equipped with 3G wireless connection,why can’t use skype ? Have to find WIFI hotspot then can make call ? ( Maybe Skype worry the telecommunication service provider will loss the profit then make Skype for IPhone software limited to connect through WIFI only).

If your owned a IPhone 3G and need Skype,please think twice before downloaded.