Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Use Specified Keywords For Search Application

In my previous post ‘use specified keywords in Firefox for search application‘ show you how to use certain word for faster searching purpose.Actually IE7 also has this kind of function with using specified keywords,here i show you how to use it.

Step 1 :Use eBay Malaysia as example.In search column eBay Malaysia,type in ‘TEST‘ capital letter and click ‘Search’ for searching.

sshot 1

Step 2 :After search result displayed out,copy the address that in address bar,


Step 3 :Click the button beside the searching bar and select ‘find more provider’,


Step 4 :Paste the address that already copied in step 2,put a specified name and click install.

sshot 2

Step 5 :There will be a pop up window appeared,click ‘add provider’ and add a check in ‘make this my default search provider’ if you needed.


Step 6:Then you can type in search item (such as handphone) in searching bar,the results will display out.