InstantSave :Download Photos Or Videos From Instagram, SnapChat And Vine On iOS

Instagram, SnapChat and Vine are popular photo and video sharing apps on the Android and iOS market, taking photos and videos then sharing online. We may notice all these apps lacking download option that let users save videos or photos locally in the phone.

There are lot of beautiful photos and videos that you wish you could keep, not only from your own account but other users. Download photos and videos from Instagram, Snapchat and Vine can be a hassle when you have to go through different computer application, then save them locally. If you own iPhone or iPad, you could try InstantSave app which allow users download videos or photos from Instagram, Snapchat and Vine instantly.

Save Photos And Videos With InstantSave App

InstantSave not only can browse those cool photos and videos of Instagram, Vine and Snapchat, but also save them to the albums of their devices directly, by using usernames and passwords of the existing app accounts without create new account, all the feature in tha app will guide through a friendly interface, so you will not facing any problem as start using this great app.

Save Instagram Photos and Videos

Tap on “Muitisave” icon located at bottom of the screen to download multiple photos or video to the photos album.

Instantsave app download instagram photos or videos

Of course, you can save a single Instagram photos or video. Tap on the photos or video that you are interested, tap “Save” icon again to save it into photos album.


Save Vine Videos

Step by step download Vine videos are same as Instagram. Tap on the video you liked, then tap on download icon save the video to the album directly, that all.

Download Vine videos from iphone

Save SnapChat Photos

As you use InstantSave download SnapChat photos, take note you can’t open the message in the SnapChat app first. Launch this app and you can see the list of the snaps you have received, then start to download the content.

InstantSave is go free now for limited time. Download from iTunes app store.