InstallPad : Download All Computer Program Faster And Automatically

5-12-08 PM

As you format the computer,what making you felt annoying and uncomfortable ? For me is to update all the window update and downloading a list of favorite software or program,i need to wait for a long time as go through all window update and software downloaded.Luckily,i found a good tool,windows update downloader to help me to download all window update without waiting for a long time,now there is a another great tool,Installpad to download all your favorite software in a short period.

InstallPad is designed to automatically work its way through a list of programs, downloading the relevant applications and installed it. If you have a sizable list of tools you need to set up, InstallPad will reduce the amount of time .

The program comes with a number of pre-defined application profiles, which you can apply or disable as you wish. In order to set up additional profiles, right-click on the program interface, select Add New Application and enter the required details

5-20-47 PM

Download InstallPad 0.4 and supports Window XP only .

InstallPad 0.4 requires the Microsoft .NET framework 3.5