How To Install Own Create LINE Themes On Android And iPhone

New version LINE messenger app for iPhone and Android has been updated with theme support, in-app browser, enable alert in chats message, and other improvements. LINE users may happy as the newly updates introduces support for LINE themes which have long been supported by a few other messaging apps, such as KakaoTalk.

Meanwhile, two LINE themes available at this moment, one is the default theme and the other is a pink theme featuring the Line mascot Cony. You can switch between the two themes by entering the new themes section in the app’s settings menu.

If you felt Cony pink theme not suitable for you or need to replace pink theme with your own create LINE themes pack, just a few steps then your LINE messenger theme will change instantly.


Install LINE Themes


Download Cony pink theme by go to Setting > Themes > select Copy theme, then use Cony as your LINE app default theme.

LINE themes for android


Stop LINE messenger running at background. Connect Android devices to computer.

Navigate path to Android > data > > theme > a0768339-c2d3-4189-9653-2909e9bb6f58 folder, replace themefile inside with your own LINE themefile.

Install own create LINE themes


Now run LINE app on Android devices and go to themes section in the app’s settings menu. First apply Original theme then reapply Cony again, your LINE app theme become a new theme.

LINE app themes



Download Cony pink theme and use Cony as your LINE app default theme.

Download iTools and installed, then connect iPhone or iPad to computer. Start to run iTools application.

Find LINE application and click Browse button.

iTools change LINE themes


Visit path Library > Application Support > Theme Packages > a0768339-c2d3-4189-9653-2909e9bb6f58 folder, drag your own themes and replace it.

LINE themes for iPhone


Disconnect iTools to iPhone or iPad. Now turn off and on LINE app on iOS, this time you will find LINE app theme already changed.

New LINE themes for iPhone


Now we can change themes easily with one click.

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