How To Install GBA, NDS4iOS Emulator On iOS Devices Without Jailbreak

NDS4iOS emulator has been taken down few months back complained by Nintendo. NDS4iOS is Nintendo DS emulator allow iOS users playing GS games on iPhone or iPad, now there is a trick that allow us install this emulator through iEmulators on iOS devices, other game emulators such as GBA4iOS, GBA4iOS 2.0, Gearboy, iDOS, MAME4iOS, SiOS and SNES4iOS also included.

Techgravy ever shared a trick how to install NDS4iOS emulator on jailbreak or non-jailbreak iOS devices, but can’t work now. The developer already upload this emulator to iEmulators web site to let all gamer able to play Nintendo DS game.

Install NDS4iOS Emulator On iOS Devices

Your iOS devices doesn’t need to jailbreak and the installation is for iOS 7 ~ iOS 8 only, not suitable for iOS 8.1.

Before starting installation, we have to change the date on iOS devices. Tap on “Settings” app and go to “General” > “Date & Time” > Set Automatically change to off mode by tap on the ON/OFF toggle, change the date to Jun 22, 2014.

NDS4iOS emulator

Now open Safari web browser and visit Tap on “Apps” button and its will show all games emulator listing in the web site, select NDS4iOS and install the app.

NDS4iOS%20Emulator 13

Then do not forget change the date and time by turn on “Set Automatically”.

Install ROM Games

Visit Coolrom web site with Safari browser. Tap on “ROM Files” > “Nintendo DS”.

NDS4iOS%20Emulator 14

We can find that at the top of the game web page showing which kind of game emulator is suit for the game. Scroll down the page till you see the “Download Now” button, tap it start to download the game.

NDS4iOS%20Emulator 15

After download is complete, the screen will pop up the game zip file. Tap on “Open in …” and select “open in NDS4iOS ” option.

NDS4iOS%20Emulator 16

Now tap on NDS4iOS emulator app and you will see the game already installed inside the app. tap it and start to play Nintendo game.

Install NDS4iOS emulator