How To Install 2 WhatsApp, LINE, SnapChat On iPhone Without Jailbreak

Want to install 2 WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook or SnapChat accounts on single iPhone without jailbreak? You may think impossible use 2 instant messaging clients each with the different phone number on iPhone, but now you can do that.

Please take note the installation involves thirty party application, it may with a certain risk and having the security concern. You should not try to attempt this if you having doubts regarding the developer or the app.

Tutorial Install 2 WhatsApp Apps

Below is the step by step how to install 2 WhatsApp accounts on iPhone ( I take WhatsApp app as an example).

1.First install WhatsApp app into iPhone through iTunes app store and activate it, this is your first WhatsApp app.

2.Now open Safari web browser on iPhone , then visit website.

3.You will see a lot of apps can be install as a secondary app on your iPhone, including WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Tap on “WhatsApp 2”.

2 Whatsapp app

4.Tap on green button download WhatsApp 2. Now tap on “Install” to begin the download as prompt you with a dialogue box asking if you would want to install the app.

Muitiple LINE accounts

5.Once installed, run Settings app and go to Settings > General > Profile. Tap on Trust “VNE Software and Technology….” > hit trust button when prompted to confirm.

2 Facebook app on iPhone

6.Start up secondary WhatsApp app on your iPhone and register through a new phone number. Now you can enjoy 2 WhatsApp account on your iPhone.

Additionally, you can use this trick to install another secondary app.