Index.dat Analyzer : Delete All Privacy Threat Completely

Most of us are not familiar or impressed by the Index.dat file created in window operating system,caused the Index.dat file attribute is hidden and it will not placing in normal folder.If you using Internet Explorer (IE) as main web browser,you must carefully caused Index.dat file will reveal all your browsering history in internet.

If you are using IE surfing internet,it will store the user’s Internet activity records, for example visit website,Cookie, and even opened a files will be stored in the Index. dat file,even if you clear IE browser’s record and Cookie manually, the Index.dat’s record will not be followed to delete, so Index.dat file size will be become bigger and bigger.Moreover,it not easy to delete manually caused as log into Window operating system,Internet Explorer or Task Manager will be occupied by this file,sometimes other applications also access through Index.dat file, so it can’t be delete by normal way.

Index.dat Analyzer can help us to identify all the records of Internet access as well as the activities of the Index.dat, then we can use it to observe whether there is some Index.dat there should not stay in the computer, and then delete them , or if you felt Index.dat occupied more disk space also can delete it directly.

Download Index.dat Analyzer (freeware) and installed.Then run Index.dat analyzer and click ‘Search’.


Index.dat analyzer will find out all the index.dat file,then click ‘OK’.


We can click the ‘Location’ drop-down menu to choose the index.dat file that we needed.

After choose the index.dat file ,it will showing all the record,then you can delete the file manually or using ‘Auto Erase’ function.


Index dat analyzer supports Window XP and Vista.

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