inCloak :Proxy Servers And VPN Service Provider

Normally we may need anonymous surfing by hide real IP addresses, bypass country’s censorship or visit web site block by using virtual private network (VPN) but we can use web proxy with anonymous proxy server list to have similar application. inCloak is one of the web proxy and virtual private network provider which vpn server located at 29 countries.

inCloak Review well known as provide free proxy servers and web proxy (site tools) or web anonymizer proxy to help users secure online. inCloak proxy server list contains many of the “paid” and “private” lists of proxies, we can select the prefer country, proxy type (HTTP, HTTPS, SOCK4 and SOCK5), anonymity and others options. If you are a premium user then can enjoy unlimited proxy list access, proxies list export to txt, csv, xml and json format and all web-proxy functions advance features.

proxy server list by incloak


Web proxy always use for visit restriction sites like Hulu, Pandora, YouTube etc. The web proxy will change your IP, hide internet browsing history to protect your privacy during online such as using youtube incloak. premium users can set different countries proxy servers with different IP addresses, set ads filter option etc on anonymizer panel.

incloak prioxy servers


Virtual private network provide up to 10 GBit bandwidth with 2048-bit encryption connection, all the VPN server located at 29 countries with more than different 120 IP addresses providing PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocol connection, it’s support Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, Windows mobile and Android platform devices with easy to configure the setting.

We can apply free vpn one day trial by enter your email address, a activation code will send to your register email address, this free trial allows you to test all site tools (Web Proxy, Proxy List and Proxy Checker) as premium user for one hour and free VPN for 24 hours, enter your activation code on free VPN page, then click connect. You can refer free VPN page how to apply and set up VPN.

If you are satisfy with free VPN service and web proxy site tools, then can purchase their premium site tools and VPN package.

incloak free vpn


Now you will give additional 10% time bonus for VPN subscriptions by using TECHGRAVY promotion code as you place an order (promo-code should be entered after choosing of VPN tariff and type of payment, right before clicking on “BUY” button).

You should give it a try if you are concern your privacy and secure during online. I gain nothing if you subscribe or not, i just share my experience with in Cloak vpn.