iMAME And Aemula Oldies S DOS Emulator App Play DOS Games Without JB

As we known Apple won’t let any DOS emulator app appear on iTunes Apple Store,previously a DOS emulator 「iDOS 」 that let you playing DOS games on iPhone and iPad  already pulled down from iTunes Apple Store.but now i found two DOS emulators app already appeared at iTunes app store, 「iMAME 」 and 「Aemula Oldies S 」.

Why iMAME and Aemula Oldies S app can appeared at iTunes app store and passed all audited,especially 「Aemula Oldies S 」renamed by the former 「iDOS 」,it’s may due to Christmas holiday around the corner and some procedure become loose.Anyway all those who like to play DOS games,please get it fast ( maybe these two DOS emulators app will pull down after Christmas holiday).

「iMAME 」 app designed for iPad and iPhone,inside build in Circus,Crash,Fire One,Hard Hat,Robot Bowl,Side Track,Spectar,Star Fire,Targ DOS games.

iOS Dos Emulator

「Aemula Oldies S 」app renamed by the former come from 「iDOS 」 with change the name and layout,inside also build in DOS games like Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle,Duke Nukem,Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion,CD-Man,The Catacomb abyss,Bio Menace,Monster Bash,StarMines II: Planet of Mines,4D Prince of Persia and CHAMP Kong,You can try install Windows 3.2 or 95 inside if you are a computer expert.

Aemula Oldies S dos emulator

imame dos emulator


You can load other ROM games into iMAME and Aemula Oldies S apps.Please refer this tutorial to get it done.

iMAME requires iOS 4.3 or later,download from iTunes app store.

Aemula Oldies S requires iOS 4.0 or later,download from iTunes app store.