How To Identify Sharing Link Is Phishing Scams [Android]

Now people like to use Facebook app, WhatsApp, LINE or other messenger apps sending out URL shortened link sharing news with their friends. Sometimes we don’t know the link is phishing scams which contained malicious malware, then we are scare tapping on that link even though send out by your friends. Now you can try Before Click (B4Click) Android app help you to protect phishing text messages, malicious link or SMS spam.

Before Click for android will scan all the links and identify malware or phishing links, SMS fraud and phishing sites which is phishing scams. If a suspicious URL is detected, it will show the warning message before you open it. This app also expanding the shortened link to reveal real destination URL, moreover Before Click app can block files download to the phone with its build in browser, this is a safety feature as you browsing a malicious websites that force an app download without your consent.

Before Click Android App Protect Phishing Scams

This app easy to set up, tap and check first three settings after installed.

Protect Phishing scams with Before click app

If you receive sharing link from mail, SMS or others social network platform, the screen will pop up a window interface, then select Before Click app.

Android app scan malicious link

The app will analysis the link contained. Its will reveal the real URL if the link is shortened URL, provide scan results whether the link is legitimate.

Phishing sites by reveal real url

If you confirm the sharing link is identify safety, tap on “open this URL” button opening the web page by build in browser, but if the results of analysis seem is a phishing scams, you can tap on the “Report link” button so that other users can get this return information.

B4Click (Before Click) FREE for Android protects phishing attacks

Overall Before Click (B4Click) app on android protect users landing on a phishing site by analysis and identify sharing link.