Identified Of Process Running In Computer

As we open the window task manager,you will see a lot of processes are running,are you total 100% knowing the processes are belong which application in computer ?Sometimes you wanted to kill off those look like ‘strange’ process but fear of killing the key process that will make your computer can’t start up.At this time,the process document library web site can help you.

1.Processlibrary.Com have all kind of process-specific information,database integrity.the introduction of single process in details and provides related link to the process and so on.(Recommend)

2.Whatisthatfile.Com is support multi language site ( temporary not support chinese),just enter the filename in search box,the relevant processes is not so clearly.

3.Neuber.Com is a commercial software support site,click on the first letter of the process,then access to the appropriate category,you will be able to find specific information related to the process.

At last,you must double confirm before you wanted delete the related process.

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