iCloud App Store / iBooks Sync Already Appear In iOS Devices (iOS 4.3.3),No Need Wait iOS5

iCloud unveiled at WWDC conference with total 9 free apps will keep all your iOS devices synced through the cloud.There are Contacts,Calendars,Mail,App Store,iBooks and Backup.However,App Store,iBooks and Backup iCloud apps option already appear in your current version iOS device ,not need to wait iOS5.

App store lists the purchase history of all your app downloads,if you download a new or renew app ( or iBooks ) through iTunes in PC,then iCloud will auto sync app or iBook for your iOS device,no need plug in USB cable and use iTunes sync.

Open up your iOS devices with current version iOS 4.3.3,tab on ‘Setting’.select ‘Store’ option and enter in iTunes username and password,then you will get a display as below.

icloud appstore

Turn Apps and Books to ON and you can sync through WiFi connection.Cellular turn ON if using 3G connection (Be alert your 3G data plan must unlimited).