ibVPN : Invisible Browsing Anywhere [10 Free Accounts Giveaway]

You can find a lot of free and giveaways VPN service in Techgravy.net blog,now i sharing another VPN service called ‘ibVPN‘.


ibVPN is developed by Invisible Browsing.It’s offer two vpn servers;one in US and another one in UK.You can use ibVPN having anonymous browsing,visit web site blocked and SSL connection,all this are unlimited bandwidth and only one thing is ibVPN not allow P2P connection.I had tried using ibVPN service,the speed are fast and reasonable,streaming video fast during watching Hulu TV program,can watch BBC iplayer and for some unknown reason,i can’t watch ITV program ( already feedback to ibVPN ).The price for ibVPN premium account starting from $7.95/month for both US and UK accounts.ibVPN supports Windows XP/Vista/7,Mac OS,Linux,iPhone ,Window Mobile smartphone platform and using PPTN connection that no need extra software installed,the set up tutorial can refer here.


Thanks for ibVPN sponsorship for giving 10 UK / US free premium VPN account ( three months ) to Techgravy.net Blog readers,you need to do is;

Just retweet this post and post the retweet status link into comment with a valid email address.That all.

Example retweet link : http://twitter.com/tweeter id/status/xxxxxxxxxx

This giveaway contest end at 28/2/2010 and the winners will announce on 1/3/2010.

The winners name list will published at end of this post.

ibVPN admin will sending out the 3 months free ibVPN account to the winners.Make sure your email is valid.

Winners :Tommy Lee,btor,LaserWraith,mijka,shashank,Ameya.

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