HTTP Tunnel Genius Hide IP Address And Surf Anonymous

There are so many way or method for you to surf anonymous in internet like using VPN services,TOR or proxy client.Today i will sharing with all for you using HTTP tunnel.

HTTP tunnel can let you bypass firewall,surf anonymous and access to block website.
HTTP tunnel genius is using these technology let you having secure internet browsing with hidden IP address,use application ( IM clients / web browsers / games ) from behind restrictive firewalls or proxy servers.Moreover achieve lower gaming pings when ISPs perform ‘throttling’ or ‘packet shaping’.It’s easy to use.Download HTTP tunnel genius (You should have Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package installed on your computer to run HTTP Tunnel Geinus executable).Before running HTTP tunnel genius application,change ‘HTTP Proxy’ starts at: address.Select ‘Tool’ –> ‘Option’ –> ‘Advanced’ tab –> ‘Network’ –> ‘Connection Setting’,change the setting as below; 

HTTP Tunnel Genius

Now run the HTTP tunnel genius application.The client will searching public proxy automatically and then you can start surfing internet. 

HTTP Tunnel GeniusYou also can change the IP address by click ‘Select Next Proxy’.The surfing speed is depend what is the IP address using,some of the IP address obtained can let you watching Youtube video.

Due to it was using public proxy,don’t use it for log in personal account. 

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