HTTP File Server : Sharing Yours Files Easily In Internet

Before that i wrote a post regarding ‘Gsplit‘ that easy sharing files purpose,now you having a alternative choice to use HTTP File Server (HFS) for sharing some files.Your friends just using internet and web browser only,no need install software.

HTTP File Server is easy to use,don’t thinking as complex as Apache software.It use your computer as a server and let your friend downloaded the files in your computer.

1.First download HFS and run the HFS executive file.

2.Then select ‘Menu’ –> ‘Add File’ adding file that sharing with friend.


3.You need to provide you IP address to your friend.Go to ‘Menu’ –>’IP address’ –> ‘find external address’,a small window that containing ip address appeared.


4.Your friend just enter in the ip address that you provided in their web browser address bar like this, filename will appeared and click the filename to download.


Is it easy to use ?