How To Verify Anti Keylogger Software Works As Advertised ?

Most of the security software already add in the anti keylogger function and we also can find some anti keylogger software in the market like Keyscramber Personal,Zemana Antilogger etc.Does all these software claim to prevent keyloggers from stealing your passwords and personal details ?

Anti keylogger Tester enables you to test the functionality of anti-keylogger software products by simulating 7 different keystroke capture techniques as well as desktop captures.The 7 keystroke capture techniques are;

5.Low level keyboard hook
6.Journal record hook
7.Get raw input data

If your anti keylogger software works as advertised, anti keylogger tester should not be able to log any of your keystrokes, otherwise it will inform you and display the captured keystrokes and getting warning wizard as below,

I use Zemana Antilogger software for verification ,getting security alert as below ;

Then i select ‘Block’ as a rule.Every time i run the 7 different keystroke capture techniques,Zemana will blocking it and make the anti keylogger tester wizard disappear ( Seen Zemana is a good anti-keylogger software ).

Download anti keylogger tester.

PS :If you do not have any anti keylogger software installed, all keystroke can be captured – this is normal.

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