How To Use Your Prefer Email Account To Access Google Services And Products

We knowing that Google have a lot of products such as Google Reader,Picasa,Doc,Group etc and needed a Google account to access all this Google services.In fact , you no need a Google account and can using your Yahoo,Hotmail or other email account to access most of the Google services .Are you believed ?

How to do that ? First,you must let Google verify your prefer email account ,

1.Visit create a Google account webpage,enter in your prefer email account,password,word verification and click ‘I accept.Create my Google account’ .

2.Then go to your email account to activate your Google account with click the link provided.

3..After activated Google account,go to Google products webpage trying the Google services ( i show you few example only,others you can try it by yourself ) .

Google Reader

Google Doc

Google Site

If you wanted close your Google account or delete Google services,go to Google edit service webpage .Enter in your email and password,then click ‘ close account and delete all services and info associated with it ‘.

You can choose to stop some Google services or delete Google account.

PS:After try all the Google services,Gmail need a register account to access it,can’t use your prefer email account .

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