How To Use Email Post Status Updates And Upload Photo To Facebook ?

We may think that there are only two ways posting status updates and upload photo to Facebook are visit via PC or using Mobile App.Now you have third choice which using email post your Facebook status updates.

Why we need email to post Facebook status updates ? Caused some countries ( like Republic Of China) may blocked internet users access to then this method may help you,moreover  you can upload photo to Facebook directly as sending photo to your friends via email.

Facebook Mobile page:


Use Email Post Facebook Updates

First you need to visit http Facebook mobile web page getting your unique email address.

facebook via email


Now use this email address to post your Facebook updates or upload photo,remember email subject will be used as your updated status.Below is a Facebook photo upload via email screenshot.

facebook via email


You also can use email to update Facebook Page status.Log into Facebook Page,select Photo , Upload A Photo and Upload via email,then you can find your unique email address.

facebook via email


All the photo upload via email to Facebook will store at Mobile upload folder.