How To Use Disc Spanning Feature Split Disc Burning And Backup Super Large Files [CDBurnerXP] ?

Sometimes we will backup the files or photo in computer folder to DVD disc but if your folder contain such as photo more than 20GB,30GB how to burn and back up to multiple DVD disc quickly and easily ?

Normally we will split to multiple folder and each folder maximum stored 4.7GB,this method is suit for the folder size less than 10GB.Here i sharing with you using CDBurnerXP software ‘Disc Spanning’ feature,let us get the entire folder burn to multiple disc easily.

1.Download CDBurnerXP and installed.Select ‘Data Disc’ and click ‘OK’.Choose the folder need to burn into DVD,then click ‘+ADD’.


2.Now go to Disc tab in drop down menu and select ‘Disc Spanning’,


3.Choose your disc size,select ‘Do not split folder contents unnecessarily’ in method option,click ‘Split’ icon.


4.Now you can burn the folder concern into DVD or backup as ISO file .


5.After click ‘Burn’,a popup windows will inform you how many disc needed,click ‘Burn disc’ starting burning process.


We no need bother which folder burning to what number of disc,let the software arrange and backup automatically,all you need is change disc manually.



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