How To Test The Effectiveness Of Antivirus Software

Last month i showed you how to test that how well of a computer firewall,now i will showing the method test the effectiveness of a antivirus software.You no need go to visit some dangerous websites for testing the software that has a risk lost your data,it is very simple,just copy and paste a file then save it.
This file are writing in character string,it does not contain any viral code.If the software detects this as a virus file,that means your antivirus software worked and well protected.

1.Open your notepad,

2.Copy and paste below character string to your open notepad,


3.Select ‘file’ and click ‘Save as’,name this file as and save it.

4.If your antivirus is correctly activated, it must then alert you instantaneously.

The grade of the alert are;

Grade 1 – After copy and paste the character string before save it,then giving alert.(excellent)

Grade 2 – After save it then giving alert or delete it.(very good)

Grade 3 – After save it and wait for a while then giving alert or delete it (good)

Grade 4 – Need to manually activate full scan then giving alert or delete it.(poor)

Grade 5 – Can’t detect. (need to change your antivirus software)

Maybe you can share with us what is the grade of your antivirus software.

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