How To Switch Back Old Design Facebook Profile Layout ?

Facebook re-design profile page layout and Facebook uses can upgrade to new Facebook profile layout easily.However if don’t like the new layout,you can’t switch back to old design profile.Are you is a Facebook user who hate the new layout ? Want to switch back to old design profile layout ?

You can switch back to old profile by deactivate Facebook account minimum 10 minutes.Log in Facebook account,click account tab > account setting.

Scroll down the web page till you see ‘Deactivate Account’,click ‘deactivate’ and ‘Confirm’  to deactivate Facebook account.Remember you are deactivate Facebook account,not delete Facebook account.


Log in Facebook account again by username and password after 10 minutes,now you are activate your Facebook account again and your Facebook profile already switch back to old design profile.

I already test it and worked.

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