How To Subscribe With Email From TechGravy

Recently as i checking my email subscriptions from Feedburner,noticed that there are total 213 subscriber are ‘Unverified’ status during June to November 2008 ( of course all this unverified subscriber are deleted from Feedburner ).I wondered why these subscriber are not continue subscribing to my blog ? One of my friend told me that why not writing a post regarding how to subscribe with email tutorial,maybe can reduce the amount of the ‘unverified’ status subscriber,then below is the step by step procedure how to subscribe with email from WongSK Blog.

1.Enter your email address in the column and click ‘Subscribe’.


2.Then a pop up window showed and you need to enter the text as shown in the box,then click ‘Complete Subscription Request’.


3.Feedburner will sending a verification message to your register email.


4.Go to your email inbox checking for the email,click the activation link and completed the registration processes ( include checking your JUNK/SPAM email folder ).

5.If having new post published by WongSK Blog,you will receiving the post concern.

If you felt enjoyable reading WongSK post,why not subscribe with email .

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