How To Stream Video,Music From PC To iOS Devices Without Install Stream App And Streamer Client ?

The normal practice way streaming video and music from PC to iOS device (iPhone,iPad and iPod touch) are using iTunes home sharing or installed stream iOS app like stream to you,air Playit.You also need to installed a streamer client into PC if you choose to use stream app unless using iTunes home sharing (but limited to MPEG-4 format).

I hated to install extra software into my PC caused this will making C drive file size column increased.Sometimes i may thinking that is there any method to stream video or music from PC to my iPad without using any stream app or install streamer client.Finally i managed to figure out a method.

Barlow are two method stream video or music which using iTunes and stream app,

Now i sharing with you is another method which you need two application,

Everything is a free tool find folder and file in PC,where also come with HTTP option allow users to browse and search for files over the internet or network.We can download portable Everything and installed into pendrive,then use Everything HTTP option act as streamer client streaming video or music from PC.

OPlayer Lite iOS app play almost any video and audio formats (WMV/AVI/MKV /RM/RMVB/XVID/mp4/3GP/MPG/MP3/WMA/RM/AAC) ,support audio/video streaming over HTTP through 3G or WIFI.We can use Oplayer Lite receiver video or musicĀ  that streaming from PC.

Both Everthing and Oplayer Lite are free to use.


How To Set Everything Software

1.Unzipped Everything and running Everything.

2.Select tools tab -> Options -> HTTP, put a check on ‘start HTTP server on startup’,click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.

stream pc to ios


2.Type ‘cmd’ in Windows 7 searching column and Enter,then type ‘ipconfig’ and Enter again.Note down IP or IPv4 address,here is

stream pc to ios


How To Set Oplayer Lite

1.Download Oplayer Lite and open up Oplayer Lite,tab ‘Setting’ and enter ‘http://IP address’ (IP address is you note down from PC) in web Browser Start Page option.Here is

stream pc to ios


2.Tab ‘File’ where located at bottom page and go back to initial interface,tab ‘Web Browser’ option,

stream pc to ios


3.Now you can notice all you hard disk drive in PC.

stream pc to ios


4.Browse to video or music file location and tab it,you can play or download the file.

stream pc to ios


5.Now you can watch video streaming from PC.

stream pc to ios


Browse photo also not a problem.

stream pc to ios


You can set up stream video and music from PC to iOS device easily and quickly with Everything and Oplayer Lite, no need to worry about your PC software installed increasingly.