How To Solve iPad And iPhone Wifi Can’t Connect Problem ?

I still remember my iPad WiFi problems as i use it for web browsing at second time.It show password error and need to enter again,then my iPad having WIFI internet connection but it will disconnect suddenly after use for a whole.My mind was full with #@#%$#^%$%^ because iPad will memorize all the WIFI setting after first time WIFI connection successful and will automatic login during next time.What puzzled me is only happen to my home WIFI connection only, it will connect smoothly if go to public WIFI area.I did a lot of ‘homework’ and solve iPad WiFi can’t connect finally.

iPad or iPhone lack support access point (AP) encryption connection and will made the WiFi internet connection not constantly, you may try below mention method to get rid the internet connection problem.


Solve iPhone And iPad WiFi Connection

1.Reset iPad internet setting and let iPad connect automatically.Tab on ‘Setting’ > ‘General’ > Select ‘Reset’ > ‘Reset Network Settings’.

2.Update router firmware version.

3.Wireless Mode setting try to use ‘802.11 b/g’. Channel setting try to select at middle range,example Aztech router having total 13 channels and you need to select ‘7’.



4.If method mention above still can’t solve the WIFI connection problem, temporary disable security encryption (WEP,WPA and WPA2) and connect to internet.If OK, then enable back security encryption one by one which caused WIFI can’t connect to iPad.

5.Last we can create a configuration profile forcing iPad memorize the WIFI setting by configuration Utility software that provided by Apple.

Download iPhone configuration utility software for Windows and Mac and running installation.

Open up iPhone configuration utility software, select ‘configuration profiles’ at LIBRARY, then click ‘New’ to create a new profile,

ipadwificonnection 1


Then scroll down to find ‘Credentials’ > ‘Configuration’.

ipadwificonnection 2


It will show up a list of certificates.Select one of the certificate and click ‘OK’.

ipadwificonnection 3


Now scroll up to find ‘ WIFI ‘ > ‘Configure’.

ipadwificonnection 4


Enter in SSID name and security encryption type.

ipadwificonnection 5


Click ‘Authentication’ tab enter in username and password, then click ‘Trust’ and put a check on Trusted certificate.

Now connect iPad to PC, your iPad device name showed.Click ‘configuration profiles’ to install it.

ipadwificonnection 6


Now you can connect internet through WIFI.

The configuration profile can delete in iPad through tab ‘Setting’ icon > ‘General’.

The above steps can apply to iPhone.

Hope can help all of you.