How to Set up Itunes 4.3 Home Sharing Stream Video And Music To iOS Device ?

Start from iOS 4.3 update we can stream itunes library ( video,music and podcast ) between computer and iOS devices that called ‘home sharing’ features.All the files just stored in PC and no need sync the contents to iOS device,will streaming over WIFI and we able to listen music or watching movie in the bedroom or toilet around the house.

How To Set up Home Sharing ( iPad as example )

1.First iOS device ( iPad,iPhone and iPod touch ) update to iOS 4.3 version and iTunes for PC 10.2 or above.All PC and iOS in same WIFI connection.

2.Open up iTunes,select Edit > Preference > Sharing ,put a check on ‘share my library on my local network’.then click ‘OK’.

homesharing 1

2.If can’t find ‘Home Sharing’ features at left side after open up iTunes,select ‘Advanced’ tab and click ‘Turn on home sharing’.

homesharing 2

3.Now you can enter Apple ID and password,then click ‘Create home share’ icon,a message will notice you home sharing already turn on,don’t forget to click ‘Done’.

homesharing 3

4.Turn on iOS device (iPad).If iOS never connect to WIFI connection,the iPod setting shown as below,

homesharing 5

After connect to WIFI,your Apple ID will show.

homesharing 4

5.Now tab ‘iPod’ icon in iPad and tab again ‘Library’ feature,select XXX library,

homesharing 6

6.Then wait for a while to show up iTunes library content.

homesharing 7

7.Now you can watch video,browsing photo and listen to music over WIFI network.The only one thing i dislike is limited file supported by iTunes,the video format need to convert to MPEG-4 format,rmvb video format is not supported by iTunes.

PS: Now i was using Streamtome iOS app ( cost $2.99 ) to stream video,music in any file format for my iPad.No  need to use any converter.