How To Set Open Gmail Automatically As Click A Email Link ( mailto : )

In normal circumstances,when we click the email address link in the website,it will automatically running Outlook Express program for you.If you want to click on email that can be automatically using Gmail for you to compose email ,how to set it ?

‘Gmail Notifier’ can automatically check new Gmail message on the desktop and will pop up a reminder window in the system tray. ‘Google Talk’ is mainly used to chit-chat,these two programs not only can automatically help us to check new Gmail messages, but also when we click on the email link, it will automatically open a Gmail for you compose a new message.

Gmail Notifier

1.Download Gmail Notifier program and install it.Then right click ‘Google Notifier’ icon in the system tray and selected ‘Options‘,

2.Put a check on ‘ Use Gmail for internet mailto :links ‘ and choose the web browser that you preferred,then click ‘ OK ‘.

Google Talk

1.Download Google Talk program and installed it.Click ‘ Setting ‘ in Google Talk window,

2.In ‘general‘ put a check in ‘Open Gmail when i click on the email link‘ and click ‘OK’.

As we click the email link will open up Gmail to allow us compose email quickly.