How To Search Windows 7 Hidden Themes ?

Recently Microsoft added new Window 7 themes to the official Windows 7 personalization gallery and is ready to download.Actually Microsoft has hidden some beautiful themes in Window 7 system and you need how to find it out.

1.Go to ‘ My computer ‘ –> ‘ Organize ‘ tab,click ‘ folder and search option’.

2.Select ‘View’ tab,choose ‘show hidden file,folder and drives’ and uncheck on ‘hide protected operations files’,then click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.

3.Then go to ‘ C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT ‘ folder,you will notice that there are few ‘MCT’ folders inside.Double click one of the ‘MCT’ folder –> double click ‘ theme ‘ sub folder –> double click again on ‘ xx.theme ‘ file.

4.Go to ‘ Control Panel ‘ –> ‘ Display ‘ –> ‘ Personalization ‘, a new theme added.

5.Compare with existing themes,are you felt it more attractive ?

PS:Different Window 7 versions got different number of themes.