Run BitTorrent In Facebook,Possible ?

We all known that Facebook can play game,quizzes etc,are you ever thinking Facebook can help you running BitTorrent ? Here i will showing you how to do that.

Facebook is using uTorrent this BitTorrent client that build in WebUI function allowing the users using web interface control the seed.

You may encounter running uTorrent WebUI application by using Firefox,please use IE or Google Chrome.

1.Download uTorrent and installed.

2.Log in to Facebook account,enter in Facebook uTorrent application and click ‘Allow’.

3.Then go back to uTorrent application,select ‘preference’ icon,put a check ‘unable Web UI’ and ‘alternative listen port’ ,click ‘Apply’ –> ‘OK’.

4.Going back to Facebook.Set up ‘uTorrent on facebook’ setting and click ‘Save setting’.

5.Now you can add torrent to uTorrent in Facebook.