How to Rip CD To APE Audio Files With Audio Loseless ?

A reader told me that he was interested rip CD to APE audio file after reading my post ‘How to convert APE to MP3 files with foobar2000 ?’ but he can’t find any free audio conversion tool after searching in internet.So he ask any free conversion tool.Now i will sharing my method to you how to convert music CD to APE audio files.

How To Rip CD To APE

I used a Chinese software rip CD to APE audio format.I known some of you scare using Chinese software may due to malware embedded inside,so i share another solution but this more complicated.You need to rip music CD to WAV format first then convert WAV to APE formatlater.To make the thing done you need two free software as below,

During running set up wizard for Exact Audio Copy,please choose ‘I prefer to have accurate results’ for extraction preference setup .Insert a CD and click ‘Next’,

cdtoape 1

All the track already listed up in exact audio copy main interface.Select ‘WAV’ icon as output format that located at left hand main interface.

cdtoape 2

Specify a folder to save output files and click ‘Save’.then extracting audio data beginning.

cdtoape 3

Run Monkey’s Audio software after extracting audio data completed,click ‘Add files’ icon to add WAV files for convertion,then click ‘Compress’ icon start conversion.

cdtoape 4

The music CD convert to APE audio completed.